Buying The Right Pediatric Stethoscope

Published: 06th August 2010
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It is important that in a medical setting, such as an ER, nurses and doctors have a good pediatric stethoscope. For an injured or sick child it can literally mean the difference between a good or bad outcome. A good quality pediatric stethoscope cant be substituted for in a life or death situation, even if you already have an adult stethoscope on hand.

It may seem counter intuitive but the body structures differ between an adult and a child that is five years old or less. As such, it is important to realize that while they greatly resemble each other, the difference between the adult stethoscope and the pediatric stethoscope, so medical professionals should keep this in mind.

That is why one of the best companies that makes stethoscopes like Littmann have started creating and designing their own specialized pediatric stethoscopes. They are designed so that they accurately and effectively will measure the body sounds of a child, in the respiratory, cardiac, and circulatory systems.

There are a lot of doctors especially those under pediatrics that are using pediatric stethoscopes covers. A pediatric stethoscope covers are just ordinary covers that come in different forms and sizes that most doctors put over the tube of their device to accent it.

Being from either denim or simple cloth, these covers come in a wide variety. These do other things as well as I have mentioned, besides just accenting the pediatric stethoscope, and some of these are listed below. It serves to protect the rubber tubes from wear and tear. It serves as a way to identify whom the stethoscope belongs to. It serves to make children at ease during check a up. And lastly, it can cut down on the spread of infections if changed out frequently.

A pediatric stethoscope is taylor made for the infant to adolescent patient. Purchasing the correct one will improve the diagnostic ability of the medical professional. Children are given special attention and care in the medical world so it only makes sense to purchase a good quality pediatric stethoscope.

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